Expanded Hours Including Wednesday and NCAA Football Tonight!

Hello Nickel Beer Fans!

Tonight we will be showing the NCAA Football National Championship game between Oregon and Ohio State.  The game will kick off at 5:30 pm and we will stay open until the end of the game – roughly 8:30 pm or so.  We will be doing a take out order with Romanos just after kick off to have food there by 6:15 pm (feel free to bring in your own food as well).  Our popular Jerky Hut Beef Jerky has been re-stocked as has the chip supply.

We’ll have the game on with sound on both big screen TVs so there will be plenty of great seats to watch the game.  This is the last chance to enjoy some Monday Night Football at the pub until September.  Our regular Monday hours will be 2-6 pm until football season starts back up.

Speaking of hours, we are expanding both our operating hours and the days that we are open.  We will now be open on Wednesdays from 2 to 7 pm and we will now have the same 2-7 pm hours on Thursday.  Fridays and Saturdays the tasting room will now be open until 8 pm and on Sundays we will stay open until 6 pm.  We will be opening a little early on Monday the 19th for the MLK holiday at 1 pm.

To help celebrate our new hours I have a keg of Chocolate Vanilla Stonewall Stout on nitrogen to tap this Wednesday, the 14th.  It will be on tap when we open at 2 pm.  It has been a while since we have had a keg of the Chocolate Vanilla Stout.  It is full keg and I expect it to stick around through the weekend since we can’t sell the nitrogen tapped beers to-go.

New Beers

This coming weekend we will be tapping a keg of our collaboration strong saison brewed at Ballast Point Little Italy.  The beer is named Saludos and it is a light colored, 10% alcohol Belgian-style beer spiced with a little bit of thyme.  It is very smooth and certainly hides the alcohol well.  This is one of only 2 kegs that made it outside of Ballast Point and the last one that still has beer in it.  We’ll tap the keg on Friday when we open.  Because it was brewed at Ballast Point we can’t sell it to go.

When the Saludos Saison goes on, the Kupfernickel Barleywine will be taken off.  So this week will be the last time to enjoy the barleywine for a little while.  The barleywine will be on tap through Thursday night.

We have a few new beers on the horizon.  In the fermentor I have a Belgian-style Quadruple, a dark, strong ale with lots of caramel and dark fruit flavors that should be just under 10% alcohol when it is done.  Also bubbling away is Highland Ale, a Scottish-inspired brown ale that will finish with a bit of smokiness reminiscent of Scotch whisky though the beer will only be 5% alcohol.  And I will be brewing one more batch of the Apple Pie Ale with Julian Black Twig apples later this week.

Down the hill you can look for a cask of Chinook IPA at O’Brien’s in Kearny Mesa this Thursday, January 15th at 5 pm.  Next month we will be doing a beer dinner at O’Brien’s on Sunday, February 22nd at 6:30 pm.  I will have more details coming soon.

That is your Nickel Beer news for now.  We’ll see you soon for a great Julian brewed beer.  Cheers, Tom

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