New Double IPA, Grapefruit IPA and Stay Near the Brewery!

Hello Nickel Beer Fans!

Just a quick update from your favorite mountain brewery.  We have a new Double IPA on tap for this weekend – Blue Truck.  This is the same recipe as our Green Truck Wet Hop Double IPA just brewed with regular Columbus hops instead.  It is 8.5% alcohol and there is really nothing subtle or delicate about this beer.  It hits your face with a sledgehammer of hops and continues to do so until your glass is empty.  If you are looking for carefully balanced and nuanced flavors, this beer is not for you.

Also new for this weekend is the Grapefruit Chinook IPA.  Once again we zested and squeezed fresh Borrego Grapefruit into a keg of IPA and the result is delicious.  I think Lindsey’s mom summed it up best when she called it a great breakfast beer.  The Chinook IPA is 7.2% alcohol and hopped 100% with Chinook hops so it already has a strong grapefruit flavor.  Enjoy these beers while you can as we will only be making them while the Borrego Grapefruits are available.

We are also pouring C.C. O’Neill’s Irish Red on nitrogen right now and the Tripp’s Tripel is back on tap and tasting great after aging for a few months.

Speaking of Borrego, there have been tons of people going out to the desert to look at the wildflowers.  They are very impressive but many of the cactus are not yet in full bloom and with our cooler weather expected over the next week or so, I think the flowers will be around for a while.  My advice if you go – go very early or head out towards the end of the day enjoy dusk in the desert.  Around the Julian the Daffodils are still blooming and the Lilacs are just starting to bloom as well.  On the drive up either the 78 or the 8/79 you will see lots of blue and purple Ceanothus on the side of the road.

We’ll NCAA Basketball games all throughout the weekend including games from the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.  The Final Four games will be next Saturday, April 1st and we will be staying open for the Championship game on Monday the 3rd.

Stay by the Brewery

There is a newly refurbished apartment for rent directly across the street from the brewery.  It has a kitchen so you can cook your own food and a front patio to enjoy the views on.  And the best part is Nickel Beer is only 200 feet away!  You can check out the listing here:  So if any of your friends have used the excuse that they don’t want to drive home after being at the brewery for not visiting Nickel Beer, now you can tell them to just spend the night across the street.

Beer Down the Hill and at the Hill

We will be bringing some of the Blue Truck Double IPA down the hill to O’Brien’s and West Coast Barbecue and Brew.  West Coast will be tapping it on Monday, April 3rd for the NCAA Basketball Championship.  I have been trying to keep at least one beer on tap at West Coast Barbecue all of the time.  As of last night, they were still pouring our C.C. O’Neill’s Irish Red.

We will be doing a beer dinner with Jeremy’s on the Hill in Julian on Friday, May 5th and since it is Cinco de Mayo there will be a Mexican theme for the dinner.  I do not have all of the details yet, but when I do I will certainly post them and include them in the next email.  Jeremy’s always has our Take A Hike Pale Ale on tap and this week they are also taking kegs of Stonewall Stout and Devil’s Copper so look for more Nickel Beer there soon.

That is your Nickel Beer news for now. We’ll see you soon for a great Julian brewed beer.  Cheers, Tom

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